Entry #1

Alien Slayer 3D is now finish!!

2008-05-16 11:20:02 by qigames

Hi everybody,

I'm very proud to show you guys our latest project
"Alien Slayer 3D"
Full 3D on flash.
It was hard but we've made it :D
Hope that you guys will enjoy this game.
Comments and suggestions are always welcome to help us improve our games



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2008-05-16 12:10:49

It was terrific. I orgasmed to it. That game must be front paged IMMEDIATELY.

qigames responds:

hope it didn't splash on your screen :P



2008-05-16 12:27:16

i enjoy that game man!!!!!!!!!!!!
make number 3


2008-05-17 05:55:33

You have fullfilled your job.the engine is great,but requires a strong computer.i like the way you have done it.


2008-05-17 17:49:01

It was awesome. It is by far, the best 3D flash game I have ever played. But next time, put in more guns, maybe some interaction with the environment, a story line, shops, people to talk too, more enemies types and maybe melee attacks. But keep everything else. Overall, this that was a great game!


2008-05-18 01:56:26

Just played your awesome Alien Slayer 3D and I loved it, seeing how good the game was made me want to see what games you had made before it and I was very impressed. You improved greatly upon what you had in 13 days in hell and now youve got me itching to see what will be coming out next!! Keep on churning out these great games because we are all loving them!!

qigames responds:

Thanks a lot!
Hope next one will impress you even more


2008-05-22 09:47:30

i would love to be as good a game maker as you guys =D ive been learning a game maker language but dont come any where near. all the best for the future =D

qigames responds:

Thanks Man!!
Hard work it's all it takes


2008-05-22 18:17:13

This game's awesome! Are you planning a sequel?

qigames responds:


I don't know if we going to use the alien theme but we are making another 3d shooting game.
Working on the engine for now


2008-05-23 21:37:09

will you next shooter by multi player?
if you did that would be so awsome


2008-05-25 17:31:47

really good game, but did you reaally use flash to make the 3D opbjects? if so, how? If now, what program did you use?


2008-05-25 21:57:27

it was very nice indeed make it online and itll be UNDEFEATABLE like i mean itll be awsome!!


2008-05-26 12:44:27

You don't suppose you could supply a downloadable source code, stripped down of course. Like, a small room with just the pistol and a box for an enemy. Let the people learn from your awesomeness >.<!


2008-05-28 01:13:21

it was freaking awsome man


2008-06-15 13:56:00

thanks for the fav from all of us from the Incendation collab


2008-08-06 14:13:15

if you make another shooter can you change it so that the enemies arnt always looking at you????


2008-08-16 15:17:47

The game is awsome.


2008-11-05 23:16:35

If you guys decide to make another alien slayer i think you should make not only close quarters levels, like the hanger, but also more wide open spaces in the outdoors and maybe the alien homeworld. also i would like to see more guns, bosses, and maybe even multiplayer. please let me know if your going to make another alien slayer.


2008-11-10 13:58:34

i played it and its really good, make a another one of these 3-D flash games


2009-03-29 21:08:22

i played alien slayer 3d on theunrealplanet.com on febuary 7 2008.